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Polyethyleneterephthalat (PET) is thermoplastic material produced by applying extruded polyethyleneterephthalat on the roll, and then it’s oriented, thermally fixed and cooled. The material is firm, tear-proof and has good dielectric properties. It was called “lavsan” in the USSR after the Laboratory of High Molecular Substances of the Academy of Sciences.

PET film is used in many industries: cable, furniture, packing, printing and others.

It’s produced in rolls with thickness from 8 up to 250 mic, width form 10 up to 2000 mm, the rolls are wound on carton-paper core with inner diameter 76.2 or 152 mm. We can cut the film to the width required by the customer (our company has KAMPF equipment for cutting rolled materials). The rolls are cut and wound evenly, the edges have no tears, and they are not corrugated.


Electroinsulating PET Film

Cross-Wound Electroinsulating PET Film

Metallized PET Film

Golden Metallized PET Film

Packing PET Film

Slitting Services

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