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The range of the supplied materials has been constantly increasing for the 10-years fruitful experience, and we offered exactly what our customers needed. And due to it we obtained necessary acquaintances of different levels and established relations with big manufacturers of the offered goods.

No doubt, our customers are mostly Russian enterprises. But the market adjusts demands, and at present domestic goods cannot always meet the requirements to the end-product, and moreover compete with imported analogues in terms of price and quality.

We decided not to resist and think for too long, but looked for foreign producers whose goods meet Russian standards and growing demands and wishes of our customers.

Geography of our relations with foreign partners is constantly widening. We have partners in such countries as Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Egypt, the USA, Korea, China, Germany and the UAE.

Our company is always aimed at broadening partner relations and range of goods. If you failed to find the necessary goods on our web-site, then inform us on their technical characteristics, and we shall monitor the market and select the demanded goods which will meet the target price and quality.

Our company has a stable position of the attractive partner and reliable supplier on the domestic and international markets.

We are always ready to deliver the required goods and materials in the shortest time possible from any spot of the Earth and we are ready to deliver the goods to your warehouse as soon as possible by our own vehicles.

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