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OOO “KSK-grupp”
Russia, 600028, Vladimir, pr-kt Stroiteley, d. 15zh
Telephone/fax: +7 (4922) 34-13-40, 33-82-06, 33-90-08, 34-03-75, 33-62-99 and 33-65-71
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
General Director Roman V. Kochetkov
Development Director Roman E. Shilov
Commercial Director Alexei A. Saleliev
tel.: +7 (915) 791-69-93 and (930) 833-43-02
Deputy Director for Production Oleg D. Sipin
Chief Accountant Irina A. Dugarskaya
tel.: +7 (4922) 34-03-75 and (915) 752-7228
Head of Packaging Department Anna V. Kovaleva
tel.: +7 (919) 011-43-96 and (930) 749-11-14
Head of Cable Department Dmitry S. Blinov
tel.: +7 (915) 790-17-40 and (930) 749-11-15
Head of Chemicals Department Paul I. Komkov
tel.: +7 (915) 774-70-77 and (930) 749-11-17
Foreign Trade Manager Catherine V. Gorbounova
tel.: +7 (4922) 34-13-40 and (920) 907-14-44
You can find contact information of the managers responsible for the required goods in “Production”.

How to reach us

Location map of the office Location map of the warehouse
if you arrive from Moscow
Location map of the warehouse
if you arrive from Ivanovo or N. Novgorod
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